How to Make Homemade Soap -Making Homemade Soap Tips

Learning how to make homemadeดูหนังออนไลน์ soap is fun and designing your own soap can be a uniquely wonderful experience. It is a wonderful feeling and what could be better than to know that you are personalizing generated products at home?

I recently gave a home course that ดูหนัง hdteaches homemade soap making to young women ages 7-12. It was a little less active than normal soap making as I only used the melt and pour method for the first 2 weeks.

The course materials were prettyคลิปโป๊ straightforward and included a minimum of all the ingredients you would need plus more. We covered recommended soap making ingredients and ideal tools and utensils.

There really are not different.

  • All materials are availableหนังโป๊ at the start for just the basics
  • Tools are readily available and easy to locate and afford
  • Include your child if you would like them to assist and take part

The course materials include:

  1. Homemade soap making recipes
  2. How to use soap making recipes
  3. Personalized soap making recipes
  4. What to do in the real world when you don’t have soap making equipment.

It was fun to shareคลิปเย็ด and talk about the mistakes we had and be supportive of each other as we went through the learning process. It is easy enough to play around with making soap and maybe have a few experiences with each other and some rewarding successes!

You will amazed at how ready you will feel to be outdoors and how excited you will be to give the soap making process a try. The first batch that we built together was perfect. I want to share this experience with you.

  1. Choose your recipe and recipe cards ( foil lined cards )
  2. Schedule 15-20 minutes of quality time for your first soap making session
  3. Wear cotton gloves because this is going to be sticky stuff and it will feel rough on your hands.
  4. Fill a stainless steel mixing bowl with lye’s
  5. Have a wooden spoon with you.
  6. Have ease a small metal ladle with a rubber spatula
  7. You will now have your list.
  8. Trace the soap recipe onto the foil lined cards
  9. Cut out the soap shapes


  1. Melt some of the lye (make sure it is a HEAP) with the microwave set on hold (at least 10 minutes)
  2. Mix together your oils
  3. Pour into a mold with a restraining mat for easy cleanup of.
  4. Cool your soap for at least 1 hour
  5. Turn off the heat as it takes approximately 1 hour to cool down.
  6. Cut out your soap and enjoy

These first homemade soaps were wonderful to do and the kids were fascinated with the process. They learned about how a recipe works and how they could modify it’s ingredients with their own.

I want to share how I made a simple handcrafted soap recipe that is easy enough for young folks or their mothers. It involves just 4 easy ingredients to make the simple soaps, which are soap base, finished oils, fragrance and glycerin.

So, you have to learn about these 4 simple ingredients, and then the tools needed to make these 4 simple handcrafted soap recipes.

  1. The soap base is one of the easy soap making ingredients
  2. The soap base is easier to find than any space on earth or any other soap making supplies. You can find the soap base at hobby stores in all sorts of supplies. The soap base is easily substituted for any of soap bases. You find soap bases in bar form, liquid form, cream form, solid form.
  3. The soap base is an all natural soap making ingredients! It is as pure as soap and soap is 100%. The advantages of using real soap are that you can totally eliminate the harsh additives such as petroleum, stearic acid and even potassium once you make it.

I learned about the soap bases from a soap making class in a restaurant and I found it easier to work with. Many of them come in single bars. I spoke to the instructor and she told me about making the soap bases so I felt this really was an easier way to make soap.

That was it! I had 2 new soap making sets! One was the basic soap base and the second was thetoday soap base. I made the soap with both of my finds. The soap base is a single wet bar of soap and thefrom soap base is used as a liquid.

Usingthe soap bases in liquid form is so easy. Just buy a liquid soap and add a bit of your glycerin to it to make it really slippery. Then you can pour it into a fun soap mold! Just make sure the soap that you use is glycerin soap. glycerin soap is a natural soap making ingredient and won’t soften.