Top 5 Tips for Wrestlers Competing in MMA

Many wrestling fans have fantasies of sitting in the cage against an opponent, and in many cases these are true to an extent, but it can often be an issue of the show downs. On paper, the opponent may offer superior skills, but that knowledge is not often tested until the cage instead. Wrestlers who offer hopes in a fight, by necessity must put in the time and the work, alongside other fighters, in order to stay in the game. Former NFL quarterbacks often say that preparation for a game is similar to preparing for a career. He or she spends a significant amount of time not just practicing, but also away from the action. เย็ดหีกระป๋อง The days of a weekend warrior learning endless hours of skills behind a computer may have served us all well. At this time, knowledge is no longer a benefit, but a necessity. The following are a list of five tips to help wrestlers prepare for their next MMA encounter.

Train in the Air

To greatly increase the level of your MMA skills, but also to greatly protect your precious nutsack, frequent, long periods of training in an enclosed air cage. Practice locks and holds from the highest grappling positions ( openly practiced at IBJJF and fishermen’s tournamentsCollabo kneesfil bar whole legs when you can’t get full five-point head control). You must at all costs avoid any type of stand-up clinch; a dangerous game in which your vital organs can be easily ruptured (if stuck) or you’ll be laying flat in a heap of painful distortion. หนังติดชาร์ท Be sure that you have a training partner that is skilled in this area either as a partner in traditional class or as an opponent in a freestyle class.

clinch and bag as often as possible

Entering the cage and playing “bully” often isn’t enough to win. You must learn to hit from every conceivable angle. Even if you are better at ground fighting than your opponent, if you only train with them and don’t practice any stand-up skills your opponent may catch, you’re done. Shadow boxing while padding is useless, when you need to counter with anything and everything. เด็กไทยใจแตก Be sure that whenever you can be the subject of a drilling session, doing so. Using the bag or sparring with a partner may at times help your game, but don’t forget to hit the cage as often as possible. A great way to do this is to have a sparring teammate strike you in the head with a barrage of fast, low-line punches in order to see how you react. If you can no longer defend yourself from a fast combination, then the boxing is over.

Get mentally tough

When you’re younger, some of us weren’t cut out for sports, but now you have trouble at the age that you’re expected to start kicking and rolling. Don’t be discouraged, instead try training in the gym with weights. Permit yourself to stop while your legs recover, make sure you eat decent food, and keep a positive attitude. You’ll make great gains that will leave you ready to continue to go the distance. ซีรีส์ยอดฮิต The next time you’re faced with the decision of what gym you should train at, remember the above tips and you’ll be the stronger and mentally tougher for it. Every workout should begin with a warm up, including drilling in the Bell Tower. Don’t go behind the bag, don’t sit on the bike, you get the idea.

End your training stint with a statement

Be proud of what you do, not everybody’s desire to be more of a “tough guy”. Try to finish every session with a quick burst of speed and to end with a statement such as “I’mReady” or “I’ve got you”. This will definitely light a fire under you for the challenge that lies ahead. Every great fighter must have the desire to excel, but even more defined, these MMA warriors must be deliberate about their actions. I recommend immediately after finishing your last training session that you take time to reflect. What was going through your mind at the time? What was your strategy for the next training session? วัยรุ่นไทย The greatest of all cycles, longForm or in-fighting, starts with today’s practice sessions. If you don’t make it an intention with each training session that you complete it with a statement mentioning each facet of showing up, then you’re not practicing and making progress.